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Future projects

Shona is at various stages of development with a number of feature projects, some of which are detailed below.


RUDY is fifteen years old and loves to skateboard.  Living with her dad, sister and brother on a farm in rural Warwickshire, Rudy has become the proxy parent, filling the gap of her mother, who died a few years back.  When money becomes an issue, Rudy’s father opens the farm up as a Bed and Breakfast. Their first guest, an impossible ungrateful 80 year old woman, drives Rudy crazy.  She takes refuge with trips to Coventry with her beloved skateboard, and hangs out with her new friend Luke. Luke and Rudy cook up a plan to run away together, only then is Rudy forced to face her father and their unspoken wounds.   A film about teenage love, loss, complex choices and moving on.  Follow RUDY on FACEBOOK.


An alluring story about a 16 year old boy who comes to a British village in order to study with an established artist in his studio. During his visit he falls in love with an enigmatic girl, Chloe, only to discover that she is the ghost of his mentor’s daughter, who died tragically a few years before. He is then faced with a major dilemma with potentially fatal consequences.  A beautiful, tragic love story, with a timeless feel and a global appeal.  It is an adaptation of a book written by Keith Claire, with the screenplay penned by the late Peter Barnes.


An adaptation of Amanda Smyth’s debut novel, set in Trinidad and Tobago. One of the Amazon Kindle’s top titles of 2011.
Set in Colonial Tobago in the 1950’s, Celia’s mother died bringing her into the world.  ‘When one soul flies in, another flies out’, her aunt Tassi says. Celia lives in Black Rock with her twin cousins, Aunt Tassi and her aunt’s second husband Roman, a man so sly ‘he could crawl under a snake’s belly on stilts’.  Celia thinks he’s the devil, so when he does something that proves her right, she runs away to Trinidad and to find a new life, who she really is and where she belongs. The lyrical novel by Amanda Smyth matches the lushness of the vivid tropical backdrop.